Urgent Action Required for Students with Lockers/Carrels at Butler Library

Ann Thornton
March 16, 2020

Students with lockers at Butler Library:  Some students may have lockers in Butler, as any current student with a UNI can request one unless they have a Butler carrel.  The Butler Front desk guard is letting students in up until 5pm today.  Libraries staff is present and will make sure students get their items and leave. 

Book returns:  Students should not return any library materials until further notice. This includes mailing items to campus. Students leaving residence halls may leave library items in their dorm rooms. No fines will be charged for overdue or recalled items until further notice. If you encounter full book bins on campus, please do not leave items on top or around the bins.  Please do not leave materials outside the doors of libraries, even if inside a campus building.

Graduate students with carrels in Butler Library may retrieve personal items until 5pm today.  

For students who have lockers or carrels in Butler and aren't able to come today, the Libraries will post information on Libraries Alerts tonight.