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Updated March 29, 2016; Posted February 9, 2016 Columbia University continues to monitor Centers for Disease...

Tips For Responding to Emergencies

Staying in the Know
Check and the Alerts and Announcements page on this site regularly. Call the...


Campus Resources

Columbia University Main Telephone: 212-854-1754
This number provides information on University closures and operational changes during cases of national, regional and local emergencies.

  • Columbia University Public Safety
    • Morningside: 212-854-5555 (emergency calls) or 212-854-2797 (non-emergency)
    • Medical Center: 212-305-7979 (emergency calls) or 212-305-8100 (non-emergency)
  • Columbia Health Services for Students
    • Morningside: 212-854-2284 or x4-2284 (from a campus phone)
    • CUMC: 212-305-3400 or x5-3400 (from a campus phone)
  • Columbia Workforce Health and Safety for Faculty/Staff with Hospital Responsibilities
    • Morningside/CUMC: 212-305-7590 or x5-7590 (from a campus phone)
Local Resources:
National Resources:
World Resources: