What are the vaccine coverage levels like in the United States?

Overall, nationally, the rates of people vaccinated against measles have been very stable since the national Vaccines for Children (VFC)program was introduced in 1994. In 2013, the overall national coverage for MMR vaccine among children aged 19 months-35 months was 91.9%. However, MMR vaccine coverage levels continue to vary by state. For example, in 10 states, 95% of the children aged 19 months-35 months in 2013 had received at least one dose of MMR vaccine, while in 17 other states, less than 90% of these children were vaccinated against measles.

At the county or lower levels, vaccine coverage rates may vary considerably. Pockets of unvaccinated people can exist in states with high vaccination coverage, underscoring considerable measles susceptibility at some local levels.