Be Prepared

What to Do in an Emergency

During a national, regional or citywide emergency, it is vital to remain calm.

If you are in immediate danger, contact Columbia Public Safety at (212) 854-2797 or call 911. For additional emergency numbers, see the Emergency Contacts page.

Knowing your community’s preparedness plan in case of emergency will allow you to react quickly and safely. During an emergency:

  1. Check this site, the Columbia University homepage,, and your Columbia email account – frequently
  2. Limit use of cell phones or University campus phones, to help ensure lines of critical communication are available for the University to contact you
  3. Follow campus emergency guidelines for specific situations
  4. Share accurate information with others
  5. Follow the tips on Communications and Staying in the Know

The other pages in this section offer information about addressing an emergency on campus during a national, regional or local disaster situation.

Specific emergencies: