Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is projected to make landfall in the Greater New York Area early next week. While forecasters do not know what the precise impact of the storm will be on our area, we urge all students, faculty and staff to use caution in traveling during this period and follow updates posted here for any effects on the University community.

We will continue to update this message as the situation evolves.

The below message was emailed to Morningside Faculty & Staff on October 26, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.:

SUBJECT: Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Dear Colleagues:

Hurricane Sandy is projected to impact the Greater New York area on Monday or Tuesday. Please take some time before you leave work for the weekend to help secure your work space in order to help preserve buildings, data, and laboratory equipment. Please make sure the following steps are taken before Saturday:

  1. Make sure all windows are closed securely. This single step may be the most important way that you can protect your work areas—and those of others—from potentially damaging high winds and heavy rain.
  2. Please turn off computers, lights and other equipment when leaving Friday. Additionally, electrical or valuable items should be moved off the floor and away from windows.
  3. Faculty should be prepared to inform their students if they will be unable to meet their classes due to the storm.
  4. Staff should discuss contingency plans with their supervisor in case there are interruptions to transportation or other conditions on Monday that may impact your ability to keep to your normal work schedule.

The safety of our students and campus community is paramount. Columbia University Facilities will be available to assist you with campus and building services. To contact the Facilities Services Center, call (212) 854-2222. The Hartley Hospitality Desk will also be open on Sunday; (212) 854-2779. 

To report an emergency on campus please call Public Safety at (212) 854-5555. For medical or off-campus emergencies, please call 911.

For more information on hurricane preparedness for yourself and your family, please visit:

We will continue to update the Columbia homepage,  The Columbia University Medical Center homepage,, will also be updated.


Joe Ienuso
Executive Vice President
Columbia University Facilities